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National ballet of Georgia “Sukhishvili”

…….“ Their giant jumps defy gravity. They do double pirouettes from knees. !!!……..

“…no doubt… there is no more professional folk dance ensemble in the world.”

During its history, the national Ballet of Georgia “SUKHISHVILI” has made more than 250 tours, has travelled all over 5 continents 11 times, has visited 88 countries, has held 12 300 concerts and has had more than 7 million people as their audience. The ensemble performance was named the “best show on Broadway”, the ensemble was recognized as “the eighth wonder of the world” in Australia! On the most responsible stage at La Scala after the concert, the curtain was risen 14 times, the Caruso record was broken that day (the curtain was risen 11 times).

During the concert tour in England the Queen of great Britain, impressed with the performance of the ballet, personally presented the gold medal to the head of the team – Iliko Sukhishvili.

The press wrote: “Georgian artists are perfect, they flight! It is like a storm on the stage!”.

Daily Mirrors (the United Kingdom)

National ballet of Georgia “Sukhishvili” was founded in 1945 and became the first professional dance ensemble of Georgia, many other ensembles were created on its example.

Dynasty Sukhishvili manages a team for 3 generations for over 70 years:

Generation I (1945-1985). – Nino Ramishvili and Iliko Sukhishvili
Generation II (1985-2000) – Tengiz and Inga Sukhishvili (children)
Generation III (2000) – Nino and Iliko Sukhishvili (grandchildren)

Thanks to the family Sukhishvili the art of national dance of Georgia has been actively developed and has found truly international fame.


Powrót do listy wiadomości

16 March 2017


UFC will return to Glasgow and Rotterdam, as well as hosting debut event in Gdańsk, Poland

22 December 2016

The Tini Stoessel show has been cancelled

We are really, really sorry to inform you that due to logistical and technical difficulties, the Tini Stoessel show in Gdańsk has been cancelled.

07 December 2016

Enrique Iglesias in ERGO ARENA!

After a sold-out concert in Krakow, “the Duke of Latin sound” – Enrique Iglesias – will return to the Poland in 2017 to present new repertoire and his greatest hits in ERGO ARENA Gdańsk / Sopot on May 17th 2017. Ticket sales starts 8.12.2016 (Thursday) at. 10:00.

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