HANS ZIMMER Live On Tour 2017

26.05.2017 h. 20:00



May the 26th 2017 – ERGO ARENA

Hans Zimmer is one of the most prize-winning film music composer. Every film connoisseur is familiar with this name. Zimmer has been awarded with all the most important prizes, including the Oscar and the Golden Globes. The biggest producers and directors dream to work with him. Hans has composed scores for the most popular films of our time which cashed in over 24 billions of dollars. In 2017 Hans Zimmer returns with his amazing shows to Poland! In May 26th he will perform in ERGO ARENA!

Hans Zimmer will perform together with an orchestra, a choir and a 10-persons people band who’s been creating music to the newest songs now. His music could have been heard lately in the popular in Britain “The Corwn” series and “Planet Earth II” which is broadcast w BBC1.

“Hans Zimmer Live on Tour” is a tour that will let you go through a couple of film music decades. It’s a real experience that you simply cannot miss! In 2017 the composer will visit a lot of places – starting from the American West Coast, through Austalia and New Zeland, he will finally make it to Europe and perform in three Polish cities.

Those who took part in Hans Zimmer shows before know that you will leave the venue speechless. Zimmer’s last tour was very emotional and very popular – concerts were sold-out within just a few weeks!

Concerts in May 2017 will provide you a collection of his greatest hits. The composer tells us what will be performed so that we can prepare even better for the live score celebration.

The ‘Hans Zimmer Live On Tour’ will be divided onto two parts: the forst will include sountracks from such classicks as: “Gladiator”, “The Lion King”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “The Da Vinci Code”, “Interstellar”, the second will include slightly changed versions of scores from, among others “The Dark Knight” Trilogy or the biggest hits from “Inception”. Also, in the second part Hans will be on stage with him some great guests – well-known artists from the world of pop music.

„I am very excited that my talented friends will join me on the upcoming tour so that the audience can experience a show they have never expirienced before”– said Zimmer.

„Hans is a living genius who delights with his music millions of fans worldwide. He will finally present live a set of his most popular tracks.” – added Harvey Goldsmith, Zimmer’s promoter and a very close friend.

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