”Karol” Premiere in Cracow turned out to be a huge success and so musical about the life of St. Pope John Paul II will be performed in November 12th 2017 in ERGO ARENA, on the Gdańsk-Sopot boarder. Together with some of the Poland’s favorite artists (Anna Wyszkoni, Agnieszka Kaczorowska, Edyta Geppert, Piotr Cugowski, Wojciech Cugowski, Jacek Kawalec and many more) we invite you for a beautiful, musical performance. The script was based on the biography of Karol Wojtyła and numerous anecdotes shared by his closest co-workers and friends. Scenography, lights, dance, modern music and great acting will take you to the beautiful world and works of  St. John Paul II. For more information check: www.musical-karol.pl

Almost 40 singers, actors and dancers. 60 extras. 3 18-wheelers packed with decorative elements, lights and multimedia parts of scenography. Nearly 200 people working on the show’s production. These numbers indicate the impetus of ”Karol”. The premiere in Cracow ended with a long, standing ovation, several dozen positive reviews were published afterwards. It’s time to bring the audience in the North of Poland closer to this special pontificate.

„Karol” is a modern show directed by Krzysztof Korwin-Piotrowski, a long-standing art director from the Gliwice Musical Theater, one of the best ones in Poland. Music was written by Filip Siejka, a Warsaw composer, author of various Polish pop-hits sung by such artists as Patrycja Markowska, Natalia Kukulska, Michał Bajor, Zbigniew Wodecki and bands including Perfect and Feel. Katarzyna „Puma” Piasecka – a singer, pianist, composer and a Berklee College of Music in Boston stipendist was responsible for the vocal section.

„Karol” is a Polish musical like no other before. It’s the very first one devoted to St. Pope John Paul II, yet the only one that gathers the best Polish musical artists from Warsaw, Cracow and Silesia on one stage.

Get to know the story of St. Karol Wojtyła, from his birth to his death in April 2005. The story itself has some cheerful and happy moments, yet there are some very emotional and nostalgic parts. Just like the Pope’s biography, there are many very surprising plot twists and unexpected events that make this two-hour long performance a unique, artistic experience. There will be many reasons to cry: out of joy and because of the deepest, thought-provoking memories.



Tickets are on sale:

in ERGO ARENA’s ticket office, open:

  • Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm
    (and on event days)
  • www.eventim.pl ; www.musical-karol.pl
  • Empik, Media Markt, Saturn, Media Expert stores and PWN bookstores all around Poland.

Ticket prices: 73 zł, 79 zł, 129zł, 169zł, 269 zł

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