Unique ballet show – 100 dancers with orchestra on one stage. Georgian National Ballet ”Sukhishvili”  – one of the leading and biggest dance troupes in the world that has its own orchestra. The troupe members have already had over 300 tournées, travelling across 90 countries on 5 continents to entertain millions of fans.

Their performance was entitled „the best Broadway show” and recognized as “the eighth wonder of the world” in Australia. After the show on the famous La Scala stage, the curtain was risen 14 times, the Caruso record was broken that day (the curtain was risen 11 times).

Georgian National Ballet ”Sukhishvili”  was founded 70 years ago. The shows are based on old, Georgian traditional dances but to make them more spectacular, choreographers combine folk with modern steps.

The martial arts elements, acrobatics, colorful costumes and a dynamic, passionate story make ”Sukhishvili” a great entertainment for all generations.

The ensemble keeps updating their programme. During the 2018 European tour spectators will experience a whole new show. This night will be very energetic and emotional.


„Try to jump and kneel down. Try to do this again. And again! Then spin around so fast that nobody can recognize it’s you. Try to move on your knees and impress the beautiful ladies that enjoy your amazing show. Make sure you delight them.”

The Washington Post (USA)


„These Georgian artists are perfect. It’s not even dancing – it’s flying. It’s a storm on the stage”.

Daily Mirror (Great Britain) 


„Over two hours seem like seconds, before you even realize how interesting and delightful the show is. You admire everything – the music, the costumes and the art of Georgian dancing – so rich and traditional.”

New York Post (USA)

Official webpage: http://www.sukhishvili.pl

Official promo:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXqTsHFDj6w


Tickets are on sale:

in ERGO ARENA’s ticket office no. 3, open:


  • Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm
    (and on event days)

in EMPIK stores and on-line, via:  http://www.sukhishvili.pl, Eventim,  eBilet.pl   Biletyna.pl, Pankoncert.pl

Ticket prices:

  • 180zł, 150zł, 130zł,100zł

Our disabled guests –  in order to purchase tickets, please send a request at:  niepelnosprawni@ergoarena.pl

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