In ERGO ARENA we approach pro-ecological investments with caution as we are fully aware that this is the only way for the facility to serve future generations. We invest, modernize, sow meadows, keep water and prepare ourselves for the green energy usage. We believe that responsible business is tightly bound to the sustainable development, which is why we conduct the company’s policy and external communication based on its main goals.


After modernizing the outdoor lighting in the area around the facility and replacing the luminaires with energy-saving LEDs in the training room, we replaced the fluorescent lamps with LED technology in the main arena.

Modern sports lighting fittings were installed by GEO-KAT in the main arena in 2021. The existing sports lighting was replaced with modern LED technology, which enabled the creation of various sorts of lighting scenes as well as smooth and dynamic adjustment in real time. The final effect met with expectations stated by the biggest sports federations whereas the new, high quality of light enables TV broadcasts in 4K quality.

The newly-used technology increases economy and minimizes uncomfortable flashes.


In order to maintain the status of an environmentally friendly facility and reduce the costs of electricity consumption, ERGO ARENA uses photovoltaic panels. So far, SolarSpot has installed 246 modules with a capacity of 99.63 kWp. In the second stage of the installation, the rooftop will space next 243 panels with a total capacity of 99.015 kWp. Ultimately, after the completion of all stages in 2024, the total power of photovoltaic panels on the ERGO ARENA’s roof will be 500 kW.


In 2021, the building control system (BMS) was modernized to optimize heat and cooling management and reduce energy consumption by introducing better solutions and time schedules.


The facility has rainwater tanks which collect rainwater from the roof and the rim around the building. This rainwater is used later on to water the outside area and keep the greenery fresh.


In the area around ERGO ARENA, 5,000 m² of flower meadows were sown. This space is meant to be a refuge for numerous species of animals, including those that play a useful role in the pollinator ecosystem. Meadows filter water and air, trapping smog-forming dust and preventing the soil from heating up, which is crucial in concrete locations, especially on hot days.


The venue operator promotes solutions to contribute to the reduction of increased vehicle traffic. The #DobryDojazd (“good access”) campaign, implemented by the company in cooperation with Tri-City transport operators, draws attention to numerous travel alternatives for event participants. Awards are given to those who opt for public transport as well as decide to arrive at ERGO ARENA well in advance, what may also contribute to discharging traffic on the access roads before the big events.