The disabled

ERGO ARENA and its surrounding area have been adjusted for use by the disabled on wheelchairs. Except for the infrastructure assistance to the disabled is offered by the maintenance and information services, present at every large event in ERGO ARENA.


Main parking facilities

for the disabled are located at the B3 entrance: 20 spaces. Additional spaces are also available at the P1 parking area.

B3 entrance

is the entrance for the disabled during all events except for basketball and volleyball league games – A1 entrance

The route from the parking area to the disabled area is properly marked. Access from the disabled parking area to the building is possible via a ramp leading to level 3 and the B3 entrance.




is dedicated to the disabled during all musical and cultural events.



is dedicated to the disabled during basketball and volleyball league games.


For those on wheelchairs there are four platforms on level three, each holding up to 8 people (including caregivers).
On level ONE spaces for the disabled are located on the floor inside the arena.
Sectors for the disabled on level 3: 306, 312, 318, 324

Number of restrooms for the disabled:

– level 3: 4 restrooms – level 1: 4 restrooms