Due to the threat caused by the spread of COVID-19 disease and by the decision of the services responsible for public safety and health in Poland and Europe, the entire this concert is moved to summer 2021. Full statement can be found here.

Slipknot returns to Poland

Slipknot will soon perform in our country once again, this time with a special guest from Ukraine – Jinjer!

This summer Slipknot will come back to Poland to continue their successful European tour, promoting their latest album – “We Are Not Your Kind”, released on the 9th of August 2019 through Roadrunner Records.

After a marvellous show at previous edition of Mystic Festival in Cracow and another great gig in Atlas Arena in Łódź, the band is coming back to perform in ERGO ARENA, Sopot/Gdańsk.

Slipknot will be joined by a very special guest – Ukrainian 4-piece Jinjer, whose career has just exploded in the last few years! The band released their third studio album “Macro” in November 2019 (Napalm Records).

Slipknot and Jinjer will perform in Poland on the 3rd of August 2020 in ERGO ARENA, shared by Gdańsk and Sopot in the Tricity.

This concert is organized by Mystic Coalition, a group of companies with significant experience in the concert, festival and publishing industries, comprising Knock Out Productions, Mystic Production, and B90.


To say that the arrival of Slipknot in the late 90s was like a dose of fresh air, is like claiming that tsunami is just a pleasant sea breeze. Slipknot hit the metal world like a thunder.

Slipknot has brought to the world a new quality and unexpected combination of all the best elements which extreme music had grasped in the decade behind. Heaviness of death metal, heat of black metal mixed with rap or hardcore? Nobody would ever give this a chance. Yet, after the mind-blowing release of “Iowa” and “Vol.3: (The Subliminal Verses)” everyone had once and for all changed their mind. Slipknot however, is not just the music. The appearance of nine folk in prison suits and grotesque masks, makes one wonder if they had just ran away from prison or from your nightmare…

The band, as many others, has faced a lot of trouble on their way to the top. Crises, members coming and leaving throughout the years have made Slipknot believe, that what doesn’t kill you…you know the rest. Therefore, “We Are Not Your Kind’, released last years, is one of the best albums the band from Des Moines has ever created, which in addition to their extraordinary live performances states them as leaders of the current extreme stage.


JINJER (Ukraine)

Jinjer is a living proof that even the most impossible things can be done with talent, determination and hard work. Starting its’ journey 10 years ago in Ukrainian Donieck, this female-fronted quartet haven’t had an easy road ahead. Notwithstanding this, their unique vision of metal – brutal, progressive and combined with charismatic voice and personality of Tatiana Shmailyuk have crashed all the obstacles. Their latest album „Macro”, released in 2019 has brought the band to the biggest and most famous metal stages around the globe. Jinjer playing live is like a ticking bomb. Beware or you’ll explode!


Jinjer (Ukraina)

Date: 3rd of August (Monday) 2020
Location: Gdańsk/Sopot @ ERGO ARENA, Dwóch Miast Square 1
Tickets: More information to be revealed soon!
Promoter: Mystic Coalition

Knock Out Productions

Mystic Production



Tickets are available:

  • in ERGO ARENA’s ticket office no. 2, open:
    Monday – Friday, 10 am – 5 pm and on event days,
  • on-line: knockoutprod.net(collector tickets)
    ebilet.pl (regular tickets for all sections)
  • in pl sales points,
  • in Media Markt stores all around Poland


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