For many years people who lived in northern Poland had to look for great sports and cultural events in the southern parts of the country. Finally, we too can host the biggest stars of the world of entertainment, all thanks to ERGO ARENA. It is one of the most advanced venues of this kind in Europe, and easily, the most innovative one in Poland.

ERGO ARENA, due to its modern construction, can host up to 11000, and when we include standing places even 15000 people. It allows to organize whole spectrum of sports competitions. Volleyball, basketball, handball, martial arts, all those disciplines are quite a standard set. Yet the ability to host ice hockey, motorsports, and even windsurfing events, makes this place unique. Apart from sports, obviously, we cannot forget about other events. Our advanced PA system, great venue acoustics, roof truss construction supporting up to 144 tons of lighting or sound equipment, and lots and lots of space, guarantee the highest quality of any music or theatrical event. A complete technical infrastructure allows us to organize conferences, business meetings, fairs, banquets,  shows, and other, less conventional events.

High technological standards of ERGO ARENA make it not only a multifunctional venue, but also a safe and comfortable place to visit. The BMS (Building Management System) and DSO (Safety Warning System), infrastructure adapted for handicapped, extensive parking lot, and a very convenient location between Gdańsk and Sopot, allow us to organize events of the highest, world standard.