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Terms of use of the ERGOARENA.PL website

 By entering the ergoarena.pl website you voluntarily acknowledge and agree to these Terms and their provisions.


Preliminary provisions

  1. These Terms specify the conditions and rules of using the www.ergoarena.pl Portal, specifically the rights and obligations of the Users registered at it.
  2. Using the www.ergoarena.pl Portal is equivalent to the unconditional acceptance of the conditions and rules of using the Portal, specified in these Terms.




The notions used in these Terms refer to:

  1. Terms of use – this document specifying the conditions and rules of using the Portal,
  2. Guest – any person browsing the Portal or using its resources;
  3. Portal – the website belonging to Hala Gdańsk – Sopot Sp. z o.o., located at www.ergoarena.pl;
  4. User – a person registered at the Portal, having their own login and password, using the Portal functions unavailable to a Guest, as well as able to post their own comments;
  5. Account – a free of charge User account obtained on registration at the Portal, including basic personal information and requiring a unique login and secured by a password;
  6. Portal Owner – Hala Gdańsk – Sopot Sp. z o.o. exercising its rights through its subordinates, responsible for the functioning of the Portal;
  7. Comment – content posted at the Portal by the User as text displayed below an Article;
  8. Article – content on specific pages of the Portal entered by the Portal Owner, each assigned to a unique URL within the Portal domain.




  1. All content and materials included in the Portal are the exclusive property of the Portal Owner or its partners.
  2. Using all or portions of the Portal elements (including texts, documents, shared files, graphics or layout elements) for commercial use is prohibited.
  3. Posting content and materials included in the Portal on other sites, its edition, copying or other actions infringing on the copyright to the Portal contents, or otherwise not complying with the law, is prohibited and may result in liability on the part of the Portal Owner.




  1. The Portal Owner shall not be held responsible for the form and content of the Comments posted by Portal Users.
  2. The Portal content legally does not constitute an offer to sell and may not be treated as such. The materials posted are strictly informative in nature and are not binding.
  3. The Portal Owner shall not be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, resulting from visiting the Portal. The Guests and Users browse through the Portal on their own responsibility.
  4. The Portal Owner shall not be held responsible for the Article content provided by its partners.
  5. The Portal Owner declares that any interference with the Portal code by unauthorised persons or any actions taken to the damage of the Portal will result in blocking access to the Portal and taking legal action so as to execute the liability for any damage.
  6. The User is fully liable for breaking the law or for any damage caused by his/her actions in the Portal, especially by entering false information, disclosing official secrets or other confidential information, infringing personal rights, copyright and similar regulations.



Users and Guests

  1. Posting any advertisements in the Portal and promoting other websites without the Portal Owner’s consent is prohibited.
  2. It is prohibited to post comments including obscene language as well as offensive or illegal content. Comments which do not adhere to this regulation will be deleted. The Accounts of Users responsible for posting content which violates these Terms will be deleted.
  3. By subscribing to the Portal Newsletter a Guest automatically agrees to receiving information from the Portal Owner, sent to the email address provided.



User Accounts

  1. By registering in the Portal a Guest agrees to these Terms and declares that the information entered upon registration is true.
  2. Every User has the right to have one Account in the Portal.
  3. A User has the right to delete their Account upon their personal request and unsubscribe from the Newsletter at any time, making use of the available Portal functions or emailing such a request to the Portal Owner. However, this does not involve deleting the comments posted in the Portal by the User. The time from placing such a request to deleting the Account may vary and depends solely on the Portal Owner, but may not exceed 30 days.
  4. The Portal Owner reserves the right to delete comments and User Accounts without stating a reason. The Portal Owner is also not liable for losing any information placed on the Account by the User.
  5. The Portal does not intend to automatically delete inactive Accounts. However, the Portal Owner reserves the right to delete Accounts, as stated in the previous article.




  1. The Personal Data Administrator is the Portal Owner, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of the 29th of August 1997 (Official Gazette 2002, No. 101, entry 926 with subsequent amendments). The Users’ personal data may be processed by the Portal Owner, for the purposes of providing services, archiving and conducting marketing and promotional activities by the administrator or in cooperation with other entities, including the marketing or promotion of the products or services of related entities. By using the website the User will not receive marketing or promotional information if they do not express such consent.
  2. User information and their comments posted within the website may be made available to entities authorised to obtain it under applicable law, in particular to competent judicial authorities.
  3. Users may review their personal data and correct it. In cases specified by law a User has the right to submit a written request that their personal data cease to be processed.



Final provisions

  1. Any considerations concerning the functioning of the Portal can be sent via email to it@ergoarena.pl.
  2. The Portal has been designed to be displayed in the following browsers: MS Internet Explorer (version 7.0 and up), Mozilla Firefox (version 3.0 and up).
  3. The website has not been optimised for mobile viewing (e.g. smartphone, PDA).
  4. A Guest accepts the possibility that the Portal may be displayed incorrectly when viewed by technology incompatible with these Terms (articles 2 and 3).
  5. The Portal Owner reserves the right to modify these Terms at any times. The current Terms will be announced to the Guests by being posted on this website.
  6. The Portal Owner reserves the right to freely modify their service, tools and functioning of the Portal, including ceasing its activity, transferring the Portal rights and taking any legally allowed action regarding the service. A User shall have no claim against the Portal based on these actions.
  7. Where disputes arise in relation to the functioning of the www.ergoarena.pl Portal, the parties  will use their best endeavours to resolve it on the basis of a mutual negotiation. In the absence of any agreement the court to resolve the dispute is the court of jurisdiction over the Porta Owner’s registered seat.
  8. These Terms apply from the 1st of April, 2011.