Broadway’s masterpiece, one of a kind. A show performed during The Oscars will now come to Poland!  Year 2017 is a beautiful anniversary, LORD OF THE DANCE celebrates its 20th birthday! Creator of the group, Michael Flatley says about his talented students: they outdid their master, their mastered synchronization of movements is an extremely impressive achievement! 8 trucks packed with scenography and technical equipment make a production worth 5 500 000 euros. Artists traveled thousands and thousands kilometers during their global tournees. Breathtaking pyrotechnic effects, breakthrough technology with holograms, robot dance, surprising lights and a mobile, multi-level scene. Acrobatic elements combined with the most beautiful Celtic dance.

In November 2017 grounds of the biggest venues in Poland will shake under the feet of top class dancers. A group coached by Michael Flatley will come straight from Ireland. They have visited already over 80 countries on all continents and gathered 70 000 000 of fans. Its huge popularity is also reflected in the sales of DVDs and CDs, which are counted in tens of millions!

Michael Flatley, known as the King of Irish dance, is an American dancer and choreographer who is not afraid to break the rules. Against the tradition, he introduced choreographies for the upper body parts. It has completely changed the previous style and acknowledged recognition all over the world. The artist was awarded many times, in 1991 named the NATIONAL TREASURE by Ronald Regan. Michael Flatley does 35 steps per second and so he was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the “World’s Fastest Feet”!

LORD OF THE DANCE is a beautiful story told via dance. It has its roots in the Irish folklore. A Little Ghost travels in time in order to help the Lord of the Dance rescue his people from the attacks coming from Don Dorch, the Lord of Darkness. Fights are mixed with love stories, with ups, downs and passion. Everything happens to the rhythm of dynamic, Celtic music. A classic story where the good fights the evil presented in a very unusual way causes a huge interest throughout the whole show. This incredible experience is provided by: great scenography, amazing lighting and costumes made for the show only. The music composed by Gerard Fahy intensifies the mood and energy that the dancers share with the audience. They are undoubtedly the greatest asset of the show. Young, talented, awarded on the national and international arena. Legs play the most important role in their complicated arrangements. A dynamic combination of jazz, ballet, freestyle and traditional folk. Starring: Matthew Smith, James Keegan and Morgan Comer. Each one of them is a superstar– says Michael Flatley. You just can’t argue with that!

LORD OF THE DANCE show is a great opportunity for the whole families to spend time together and simply have fun! It will fascinate the adults, entertain the kids and, finally, will be a great lesson of the Irish tradition and culture.


Tickets are available:

In ERGO ARENA’s ticket office no. 3, open: